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Becoming a Steward

Well Done Good & Faithful Servant: Stewardship 2024

What is Christian Stewardship?  

Christian Stewardship is…


…learning how to be a responsible and concerned caretaker of Christ’s Church; it is learning how to enjoy Church life and be happy in Church work., for in Her dwells the fullness of the Spirit of God.


…our active commitment to use all our time, talent and treasure for the benefit of humankind in grateful acknowledgment of Christ’s redeeming love.


…caring for the needs of others.


…offering one’s self to God as He offered Himself to us.


…what a person does after saying “I believe…”, as proof of that belief.


…devotion and service to God and His Church as persons, as families, as diocese/metropolis, as national Church and as Church universal.


 Williams & McKibben in Oriented Leadership


If you have any questions regarding Stewardship, please contact the Church Office.  If you would like to become a member, please click the button below.  

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