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Adult Education

Wednesday Evening Fellowship and Lenten Spiritual Reflection

During Great Lent, we celebrate the Presanctified Liturgy every Wednesday at 6pm, and Friday mornings (9am / 6:30am). Please join us this coming Wednesday, March 16. Following the evening service at 6pm, we will break bread. If you are able, please bring Lenten meal/salad/ veggie dish to share. There is always plenty of food. During the meal, Father Jordan (guest speaker) will offer a brief Lenten reflection.

Lenten Reading


Great Lent will begin on Monday, March 7th. Lent is a wonderful time to grow closer to God, and make time for spiritual reading and reflection. A wonderful book, by Fr Joseph Huneycutt, Defeating Sin - Overcoming our Passions and Changing Forever, will be available in our bookstore for $25. We will be ordering the books this week (deadline Feb 18). If you would like to pre-order your book, please contact the church office.

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