End of Covid-19 Restrictions for Worship & Fellowship

Boulder County has lifted mandatory restrictions for Covid-19.  We also have the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah. Our sister parishes in the Denver metro area have also lifted their restrictions.
What does this mean for our parish?
1) Reservations are no longer required;
2) We may worship indoors and use the fellowship hall with no restrictions on the number of people;
3) Social distancing is no longer required;
4) Mask-use is still recommended for those who are unvaccinated; 

Sunday Live Stream

We usually live stream Orthros & Divine Liturgy Sundays @ 8:15/9:30 am on Facebook and on YouTube.

Churches are Hospitals for the Soul

There are two pandemics raging now, and that of the human psyche is a greater force to be reckoned with than the coronavirus. If hospitals are needed to treat those infected with COVID, then churches are needed to treat the human soul, according to His Eminence Metropolitan Gabriel of Lovech of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

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