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Father Jordan's sermon on St. Procopius and living in evil times

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Saturday, July 18 @ 4 pm

“Journey to the Kingdom” will focus on a deeper understanding of the Divine Liturgy. The class will take place in the church.

You are welcome to attend in person or participate online. We email the Zoom details. (If you have not received these details and would like to join, email Bruce.)

As members of our Orthodox Christian Church which our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ established through His Supreme Sacrifice on the Holy Cross, giving His holy Body and Sacred Blood for the Life of the world, we have been facing unwelcomed difficulties in unncessary discussions concerning the manner our people partake of the Holy Eurcharist. In the past two thousand years of the Church, during the first millennium the manner of the people receiving the Holy Eucharist was evolving. But for the past millennium the Church established the way in which people of all ages, including baptized infants and the elderly, could easily partake of the holy Body and sacred Blood of the Lord without difficulties in receiving the holy gifts.

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