Saturday School Frequently Asked Questions

Where will classes be held?

We will utilize outdoor spaces whenever weather permits. When weather isn't cooperating, we will hold classes in separate areas of the hall and church and practice social distancing.

What about parents/students who are immuno-compromised or who are simply not comfortable with attending in-person?

We want all of our families to feel like they are still part of this community, even if they aren't able to attend in-person! Our teachers will be communicating with parents on a weekly basis, providing lesson summaries and tips for "Sunday School" activities at home. Youth Ministry will provide additional e-resources periodically to encourage and facilitate at-home learning.

Why don't you live stream or record classes?

We weighed a number of factors when discussing online learning. We ask you to consider the following:

  1. Youth Ministry is run by a very small group of volunteers, and we all have different levels of technological know-how. We are not a large, well-funded school district, and we simply do not have the resources to match the capabilities of your child's public/private school.
  2. Our classroom areas may change from week-to-week depending on weather, attendance, etc. This creates an additional challenge for live streaming/recording.
  3. We have children of all ages, and a 100% online format can be a struggle for young learners with shorter attention spans. We believe that we can provide in-person classes while also prioritizing health and safety.
  4. Honestly, turn-out for past Youth Ministry online events has been very low. We're not convinced that online participation levels really justify the time and resources needed to make this format work.
  5. If you are tech-savvy and are interested in volunteering your services or funding additional technology, please feel free to contact me.

What kind of precautions are you taking for Covid-19?

The safety of our students and teachers has ALWAYS been a top priority for Youth Ministry. We will FULLY adhere to all state, county, and Metropolis regulations, and these will be updated as needed. As of today, those restrictions are:

  • All attendees >10 years old are required to wear masks when indoors*
    • Mask-use will be strongly encouraged for younger children whenever social distancing isn't possible.
  • Attendees >10 years old are required to wear masks outdoors when social distancing (6' separation) isn't possible.
  • Children will be segregated by class groups, and will be spaced 6' apart during class.
  • Meal-Time
    • Food will be served by select volunteers only
    • Teachers will escort their students over to the Hall for dinner
    • We will avoid congregating in the Hall during meal-time
  • We will keep sanitizer on-hand and encourage hand-washing, etc.
  • We will sanitize any indoor surfaces used by teachers/students before and after classes


* Per the State of Colorado and Boulder County, "children 10 years and younger are not required to wear masks because the evidence so far has shown that children in this age group are much less likely to spread COVID-19 than older children and adults. It is also less likely that children of this age will wear a mask correctly."