Saturday, September 22 @ 9 am

One of the most important and vital church ministries is ministering to our youth.

Sts. Peter & Paul is hosting a morning retreat for Sunday school teachers, youth workers and parents. Father Christodoulos Papadeas, who has many years of youth experience, will be our retreat speaker. 

I strongly encourage parents to participate.

Sunday, September 23 @ 12:30 pm

Join us for a Sunday school kick-off lunch and party, hosted by the Tinsley family.

"When a child is filled with Christ and from a young age goes to church with his/her parents, takes communion, chants, prays, later on when the child grows up and is far from this parents, even in difficult circumstances, he/she will be fine." - St Paisius

Tuesday, September 25 @ 6 pm

The OCF of CU welcomes all college students to join us for all activities on and off campus.

Join us for our fellowship dinner.

We will meet at the St Thomas Student Center, in the coffee house (1520 Euclid Ave / on the corner of 15th & Euclid).

Please contact Father Jordan with any questions at


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